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Remember Me

I listened to this talking book last winter. It was a funny, a bit quirky and all in all a good chick lit read. Another Kinsella classic. It was great to listen to the CDs. I couldnt put my earphones down.

This is a story of a woman who lost 3 years of her memory. When she woke up from an accident, the last 3 years of her life totally vanished from her brain. It felt like she woke up from being Cinderella to a Princess on Prince Charming’s arms. The fun part was when she starts discovering what she’s become and what she really should be.

This link shows the first few pages of the book. See for yourself and I am sure you’lll grab a copy if you havent read it yet.


Shopaholic and Baby

9780385338714.jpgShopaholic and Baby by Sophie Kinsella

Becky’s life is blooming! She’s working at London’s newest big store, The Look, house hunting with husband (her secret wish is a Shoe Room)..and she’s pregnant! She couldn’t be more overjoyed — especially since discovering that shopping cures morning sickness. Everything has got to be perfect for her baby: from the designer nursery…to the latest, coolest pram…to the celebrity must-have obstetrician.

But when the celebrity obstetrician turns out to be Luke’s glamorous ex-girlfriend, Becky’s perfect world starts to crumble, She’s shopping for two.. but are there three in her marriage.

Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic and baby novel came out sometime in February this year., shortly after I’ve read all her books from this series. I am not sure why I did not go and buy it then right away. Somehow, I manage to have forgotten it. On my last library visit, I went straight to the fiction section under author “K” and was glad that this book was there. I borrowed it amongst my other stash of DVDs, books and audio CD.

As soon as I had the book in my hand I couldn’t let it go. Becky makes me laugh. The main character of the book is just a little hilarious and down right ridiculous at times. I loved this story. It is a good read. I await Kinsella’s next novel.

The Time Traveler’s Wife

I have always been fascinated by time travel. Ever since I first watched the movie “Somewhere in Time” (starring Superman, I mean Christopher Reeve and Jane Eyre, oops, I mean Jane Seymour), any other movie that has a time travel theme would get me interested to watch it. And so when I first ran into the title of this book, I simply had to read it.

I just finished reading The Time Traveler’s wife. It is a beautiful story. A love story.

A man with a time-traveling gene uses his innate abilities to visit his lover at different points in her life.

As I read the book page by page, I felt I was somehow transformed as Claire waiting for my Henry to come home. Feeling the hopes and the joys of being in love with someone who changes in front of me dramatically in years of my life. The love was so intense, I felt I could be there and not regret it because of such undying love given and received. Or sometimes I felt as though I was Henry travelling in the past and at the same time waiting so much to be in the presesnt.

I know I am such a hopeless romantic. I laughed and I cried in this story. I travelled back in time and into the future with Henry. Although I was not the author, I wished I could change the words so I can let the moments linger a little longer and the time spent between Henry and Claire can be prolonged.

But I suppose any story must have an ending. Was it sad? Was it happy one? I think it all depends on how you perceive it as the reader.

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt made headlines when they bought the film rights to Niffenegger’s novel before it was released to the public. Imagine if they had the chance to film the movie? It is supposed to be in production now, but I’m not really sure who will play the main characters. I just have to wait and see.

I can only write about how I felt towards this book. If you want to read a better and more professional review, Click here.

And just so I can hold to the romance of it all. Here’s a link to a video of the theme song from Somewhere in Time.


I read this book about 3 months ago and I really enjoyed it. The DVD just came out. The movie version starred Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep. I have not seen the movie so I am looking forward to see this DVD in my christmas stocking. I can’t imagine how a boss can be so evil and every one she pays for as an employee seems to follow her every voice and command. I’m sure there are real bosses like her in real life but I will never last a day being in such position as the main character. Read this book , it will certainly keep you up to date on how fashion works behind the scenes. I don’t know about the movie but I always find that you always get more out of reading. I got a brief description of the book here.

And below is the text if you dont like clicking on links.

Now in paperback! A delightfully dishy novel about the all-time most impossible boss in the history of impossible bosses. Andrea Sachs, a small-town girl fresh out of college, lands the job “a million girls would die for.” Hired as the assistant to Miranda Priestly, the high-profile, fabulously successful editor of Runway magazine, Andrea finds herself in an office that shouts Prada! Armani! Versace! at every turn, a world populated by impossibly thin, heart-wrenchingly stylish women and beautiful men clad in fine-ribbed turtlenecks and tight leather pants that show off their lifelong dedication to the gym. With breathtaking ease, Miranda can turn each and every one of these hip sophisticates into a scared, whimpering child. THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA gives a rich and hilarious new meaning to plaints about “The Boss from Hell.” Narrated in Andrea’s smart, refreshingly disarming voice, it traces a deep, dark, devilish view of life at the top only hinted at in gossip columns and over Cosmopolitans at the trendiest cocktail parties. From sending the latest, not-yet-in-stores Harry Potter to Miranda’s children in Paris by private jet, to locating an unnamed antique store where Miranda had at some point admired a vintage dresser, to serving lattes to Miranda at precisely the piping hot temperature she prefers, Andrea is sorely tested each and every day–and often late into the night with orders barked over the phone. She puts up with it all by keeping her eyes on the prize: a recommendation from Miranda that will get Andrea a top job at any magazine of her choosing. As things escalate from the merely unacceptable to the downright outrageous, however, Andrea begins to realize that the job a million girls would die for may just kill her. And even if she survives, she has to decide whether or not the job is worth the price of her soul.